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PearlsOnly Pearl Rings

Pearl Rings

PearlsOnly is able to offer you a stunning of real Pearl rings that would make the perfect addition to any outfit you choose to wear them with.
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Explore our wonderful yet affordable collection of Freshwater Pearl Rings available in 4 stunning colours.

Japanese Akoya

Any of our white or black luxurious Japanese Akoya Pearl Rings will amaze you.


Our large luxurious Tahitian Pearl Rings really are the epitome of class and elegance.

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Pearl Rings Buying Tips

Every woman should wear at least one pearl ring because it is the perfect symbol of elegance and sophistication. Take a look at our selection of pearl rings and read the following tips so that you can choose the ideal ring for you.

  1. Color

The color of the pearl accentuates certain features of the wearer, which makes each type of pearl a perfect match for a certain facet of your personality.


A black pearl is the embodiment of sophistication; it is appropriate for any type of outfit and it will provide the wearer with a boost of elegance and a touch of mystery.


The pink pearl is ideal for a delicate woman. It goes perfectly with light and dark skin tones and it can highlight the most elegant aspects of an outfit. Pink Freshwater pearl rings are amazing accessories for any occasion.


The white pearl is the ultimate statement of elegance. It can be worn with absolutely any type of outfit and it will manage to relay the fact that the woman wearing it is truly special.


This is the ideal accessory for romantics. A Lavender pearl is perfect for a dreamy outfit because it provides the necessary elegance to it. This amazing color perfectly complements light skin tones and adds a tangy twist to darker ones, and the result is always fabulous.

  1. Size

Pearl rings are extremely versatile and it is extremely easy to match them with almost any outfit. However, choosing the right size of pearl is a very important step in the selection process because it also emphasizes some of the wearer’s personality features.


Such a delicate pearl is ideal for a graceful woman who has the patience to notice the small detail about things in front of her. Japanese Akoya rings are the ideal choice for this size.


Medium sized pearls are the right choice for a very adaptable and dynamic woman. Versatile jewelry enables these chameleonic women to look perfect in any given situation.


A pearl this size will always be integrated into a piece of statement jewelry. Such a ring will enable the wearer to stand out and shine, which makes an 11-14mm pearl the ideal gift for an extrovert who loves to be the center of attention at all times.

  1. Occasion

Due to its versatile nature, a pearl ring makes a perfect present for any given occasion. Moreover, it can add weight to the event it is chosen for because of its sophisticated nature. Here are only a few ideas of events you can give pearl rings for. However, bear in mind that any given day is a wonderful occasion to receive such a present.

Mother’s Day

What could be better than a Tahitian pearl ring to tell your mother that she means the world to you? On one hand, this amazing gift will compliment her elegance and grace, and, on the other, it will suggest just how much you value her and everything she has done for you.


Not every woman dreams of a diamond engagement ring. A pearl is ideal for a sophisticated bride to be who puts great value on small details.


Pearls are associated with strong independent women, which makes them the ideal graduation gifts. They are able to accentuate the evolution of the wearer and brighten up their complexion.

  1. Ring Setting

If you are considering buying any kinds of pearl rings one of the most important features to pay close attention to is the setting. The way the pearl has been mounted on these rings can affect whether it will remain in place or fall off at a later date.

Pin Setting

This is the most common setting used in the creation of any kinds of pearl rings for ladies. With such a small pin extends from the ring mounting and goes into a hole that has been drilled into the pearl. In order to help keep the pearl in place a small amount of glue will be used.

This form of setting used in either gold and pearl rings or silver and pearl rings helps the pearl to stand out more. Plus as these types of pearl rings are relatively easy to make they tend to cost less than those with a more elaborate setting to hold the pearl in place.

Prong Setting

If the pearl rings you buy use this form of setting the risk of losing the pearl is reduced. With these pearl rings design, there are several prongs around the mounting that help to keep the pearl in place. Generally, what you will find is that most antique pearl rings will use this form of setting to keep the pearls secure.

Here we can offer you a wide selection of pearl rings that use the kinds of settings we’ve mentioned above. So you know that the rings you buy from us will last for many years to come and will look elegant at all times, no matter which style of outfit you choose to wear yours with.