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PearlsOnly Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings

Here you have the chance to discover our wonderful collection of real Pearl Earrings. At PearlsOnly you will find the perfect set of semi-baroque, round, button and drop earrings.
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Create the perfect look with a pair of our stunning Freshwater Pearl Earrings.

Japanese Akoya

Take a look at our collection of different styles of Japanese Akoya Pearl Earrings.


Our luxuriously large Tahitian Pearl Earrings will add a real hint of mystery to your wardrobe.

South Sea

Add that final touch of glamour to your outfit with a pair of our beautiful South Sea Pearl Earrings.

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Pearl Earrings Buying Tips

Pearl earrings are a suitable piece of jewelry that flatters most outfits and compliments all skin tones. To choose the best color, shape, and style for you, go over these guidelines before buying.

  1. Personal Style

The versatility of pearls makes them suitable for any woman’s wardrobe. Here are our suggestions to help you make the right pick according to your favorite attire.

Classic & Elegant

If you gravitate toward sophisticated outfits and minimalist gowns, you won’t go wrong with a pair of White South Sea pearl earrings. This elegant item of jewelry will polish off business and formal suits, helping you look professional at work.

Casual & Relaxed

A pair of white Japanese Akoya pearl earrings adds a touch of sophistication to any casual outfit. If you’re not a big fan of bold jewelry, delicate pearl studs are the ideal alternatives. They are suitable for all face shapes and brighten up all complexions.

Cute & Playful

Pearls are no longer a symbol for conservative and demure dresses. If you love playful attire, you can rely on colorful Freshwater pearl earrings to brighten up your complexion and outfit. Bright pink or champagne colored pearls won’t fail to get noticed and go well with vivid patterns and cute updos.

  1. Shape

Keep small pearl earrings for daytime wear and bigger gemstones for evenings out. Their shape also gives you hints for what occasion to wear them.


Women who are not afraid to turn heads will fall in love with semi-baroque shaped earrings. With a fishhook sterling silver design, this type of earring is ideal for summer outfits and parties. The iridescent colors can easily be spotted in large 15-16mm gemstones. The unique appearance of semi-baroque pearls gives them an exotic and luxurious feel.


The classic round shape of these pearls makes them the ideal accessory for stylish women who like to feel elegant. What makes round pearls so beautiful is their luster. If you want to elevate a semi-formal outfit, you won’t go wrong with AAA Tahitian pearl earrings.


The cutest choices for a pair of earrings are button shaped studs. Suitable for young pearl wearers, a pair of pink button earrings will make a great sweet sixteen or graduation present. Delicate and feminine, they don’t overwhelm the outfit and can easily be paired with other accessories or with a matching pearl bracelet.


The modern woman who is looking for a sophisticated jewelry item for her wardrobe will love a pair of drop Freshwater pearl earrings. Set in silver, this set will flatter most complexions, brightening up the face. Their lush color and delicate undertones make them a statement jewelry item that can be worn both during the daytime, with matching accessories, and in the evening.

  1. Color

Undecided about the perfect shade?

These tips will help you choose.


Olive and tanned skin tones will look gorgeous paired with a pair of Freshwater pearl earrings.


Fair complexions with cool undertones can be enhanced by a set of pink pearl earrings with medium sized gemstones.


The classic white Japanese Akoya earrings look striking both with pale and darker complexions.


The bronze and green overtones of Tahitian pearls are the perfect match for complexions with warm undertones.

Our pearl earrings buying guide will surely help you to find the perfect ones from the choices we have available.