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PearlsOnly Hanadama Pearls

Hanadama Pearls

We here at PearlsOnly offer you the widest selection of genuine Hanadama Pearls to choose from when you really want to make a statement.
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Take a look at our beautiful delicate Hanadama Pearl Necklace Designs.


You will be amazed at the stunning beauty of our collection of Hanadama Pearl Bracelet Designs.


Our wonderful selection of Hanadama Pearl Earrings will add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

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Hanadama Pearls Buying Tips

Hanadama pearls are set apart from other pearls by their breathtaking luster. Unique items of jewelry, Hanadama pearls are the highest quality Japanese Akoya pearls that can be found on the market today. Here is how you can choose the perfect jewelry piece for you.

Hanadama Pearls Vs AAA Akoya Pearls

While AAA Akoya pearls display impressive features, Hanadama pearls are the virtually flawless kind. They are the highest quality Akoya pearls available on the jewelry market.

The main feature that sets Hanadama pearls apart from all other Akoya pearls is their impeccable mirror-like luster. This represents the standard of quality for this key feature.

Japanese Akoya pearls require a lengthy development period, which enables the surface of the pearls to reach this level of perfection. Hanadama pearls are the best specimens among these and they are stunning.

3 Amazing Facts About Hanadama Pearls

The Japanese term “Hanadama” means “Flower Pearl”. This symbolizes the iconic Japanese cherry blossoms because the color of Hanadama pearls if of similar tones and shades that of these beautiful flowers.

Hanadama pearls represent approximately 0.1% of an entire year’s pearl harvest because they have to meet strict conditions regarding their display and structure.

Each Hanadama pearl specimen comes with a certificate from the Japanese Pearl Science Laboratory that guarantees its flawless quality.

Hanadama Pearls – Value Facts


The luster of Hanadama pearls is superior to that of AAA Japanese Akoya pearls. It is the equivalent of AAAA luster, which is the highest rank in the world.


Hanadama pearls are expected to have blemishes of any kind on less than 5% of their entire surface, which is also equivalent to AAAA quality.

Nacre Thickness

Hanadama pearls need to have a thickness of at least 0.4mm in order to be provided with this quality status.


All Hanadama pearls are required to be perfectly round in order to be included in this category.

  1. Jewelry Type

The stunning elegance of Hanadama pearls stands out as a homage to simplicity and exclusivity. Wearing this special type of pearl creates a distinguished outfit. The high luster instantaneously brightens the wearer’s complexion, making her glow. According to your personal preferences, you can choose from:


A subtle accessory, Hanadama pearl stud earrings will complement any face shape and illuminate the visage. Appropriate for casual outfits, the 6.5-7mm Hanadama pearl earrings are easy to wear. The urban pearl wearer who is seeking for a simple yet sophisticated pair of earrings will be captivated by these studs. The larger, 8.5-9mm earring set is more suitable for evening, semi-formal wear. These will steal the limelight paired with a chignon and a backless dress.


A staple of timeless beauty, the Hanadama pearl necklace is an accessory desired by women of all ages. The pearls’ creamy color and irresistible luster make the Hanadama pearl necklace ideal for high-class parties as well as business meetings. Ready to beautify a plunging V-neckline or a more demure turtleneck, this type of necklace is recommended for women who like to be the center of attention.


Women who need to look professional on a daily basis are already acquainted with the versatility of a pearl bracelet. This jewelry piece is a refined accessory that looks striking on its own or paired with matching Hanadama earrings. The yellow or white gold clasp of the Hanadama bracelet emphasizes the glistening luster of the pearls.