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Clasps Buying Tips

There are many types of clasps for you to choose from and some will be better suited to certain projects than some others. So we give you a brief description of each one along with the kind of jewelry that these clasps will work best with.

Spring Ring Clasp

This is the most common type of clasp you will see being used. It is made up of a metal ring with a spring mechanism. As you pull back on the small lever the spring compresses and an opening appears through which a jump ring or tab can be slid. As soon as you release the lever this causes the clasp to close. Looking for clasps for pearl necklaces then look no further than using this one.

Lobster Clasp

It is called such, as it does resemble the claw of a lobster. Is again spring loaded with a self-closing clasp. To open this you just need to push down on the lever and the bottom part then swings inward. Once you release the lever the bottom part swing back to its original position. These types of clasps are ideal for jewelry that is worn on a regular basis and doesn’t carry too much weight, so ideal for inclusion if you are intending to make your own pearl pendant.

Barrel Clasp

This type of clasp combines to pieces of metal that screw together and look like a barrel when it is closed. Each part of this clasp will be attached to each end of the jewelry piece. Such clasps are very versatile and again suitable clasps for pearl necklaces, but not for bracelets. This is because you need two hands in order to fasten the two pieces together.

Toggle Clasp

For those who would love to add a little more finesse to a piece of pearl jewelry this the perfect choice. It is made up of two very different pieces. One piece is a long bar that is “T” shaped, whilst the other piece is often a circle. To join them together you simply slip the bar through the center of the circle. They come in a wide array of different sizes and some with quite a bit of embellishment. Often used as a decorative accent and certainly are ideal clasps for bracelets.

Slide Lock Clasp

This kind of clasp has been particularly designed for use with multi-strand bracelets or necklaces. Each side of the clasp consists of a long tube with rings to which the strands of wire, thread, chain or cord will be attached. One tube will slide inside of the other and then lock in place.

This particular type of clasp is ideal for using to create multi-stranded pearl necklaces or bracelets. This is because these types of jewelry clasps can hold an almost unlimited number of strands on them.

Bead Clasp

These, as you will see from our collection, are designed to take on the appearance of a bead. They will include either a bayonet, tab or magnet closure. When used once closed they merge in with the rest of the piece of jewelry so allowing the design of the piece so that it looks as if it is part of the whole design. The very delicate filigree helps to add further embellishment to some already beautiful pieces of jewelry.

These particular kinds of clasps are especially good for including and using with necklaces and bracelets. The filigree pattern on the ones in our collection gives a near metallic lace appearance to the whole piece. The inclusion of yellow gold bead clasp to a pearl choker or necklace will really bring out the beautiful luster of any pearls that it has been combined with.

As you can see there are plenty of different kinds of clasps that can be used to create some stunning pieces of pearl jewelry these days. So finding one that suits your particular taste shouldn’t prove difficult. But you may want to keep the following in mind when you are looking to buy such items.

The best types of clasps that you should use when you are making your own pearl jewelry pieces.

Everyday Pearl Necklaces – Use a spring ring, barrel or lobster clasps

Heavy Pearl Necklaces – Use a spring ring, toggle or lobster clasps

Multi-Strand Pearl Necklaces – Use slide lock or barrel clasps

Everyday Pearl Bracelets – Use lobster or toggle clasps

Multi-Strand Pearl Bracelets – Use side lock clasps