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PearlsOnly Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls

Take a look at our wonderful collection of Freshwater Pearls! From classic to sophisticated designs, PearlsOnly offers you a variety of pearl colors and shapes.
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Take the time to explore our delicate Freshwater Pearl Necklace Designs


Check out our collection of beautiful delicate Freshwater Pearl Bracelet Designs


One of our beautiful Freshwater Pearl Pendants would show your wife how much she means to you.


Each of our beautiful Freshwater Pearl Rings will truly make any woman feel she is special.


Peruse our stunning good quality Freshwater Pearl Sets.


Each pair of Freshwater Pearl Earrings in our collection will make the perfect present for that special lady or girl in your life.

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Freshwater Pearls Buying Tips

  1. Color

The beauty of cultured Freshwater pearls is that they come in interesting colors: iridescent blacks, suave pinks, delicate silvers, and daring purples. Be aware sometimes to achieve these colors some pearls may need to go through a special freshwater pearls dyed process.

But how do you make the right choices?


A pink Freshwater pearl bracelet will look gorgeous on almost any skin tone. The color is highly versatile and allows the wearer to accessorize it with most outfits. For a more casual style, choose 3-4mm pink pearls, especially if the person wearing them is under 25 years old.


Classic white Freshwater pearls are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. A strand of white pearls instantly elevates any outfit to the next level, be it a casual daytime look or an elegant evening dress.


For a statement piece of jewelry, you can’t go wrong with a matching set of black Freshwater pearl necklace and earrings. These look stunning both against paler or darker skin tones and beautifully complement party outfits.


This pearl shade is particularly flattering on light skin tones. This iridescent tone adds a touch of femininity to any outfit. Lavender pearl earrings look stunning with office attire and are suitable for wearing to business meetings.

  1. Size

Choosing the size of your Freshwater pearls determines if you wear them on a daily basis or only on special occasions. These guidelines will help you to decide.


These Freshwater Pearls can be worn every day with various outfits. The small gems won’t overwhelm casual dresses and will look professional in office clothes.


These sizes of pearls look best in a colorful pearl pendant. Set in sterling silver, they complement simple, sophisticated outfits and can be paired with small studded pearl earrings.


Freshwater pearls measuring between 11-14mm are specially created to draw attention with their delicate overtones. A pair of statement 14mm pearl earrings completes an evening backless dress, but can also be transitioned into daily outfits when the rest of the jewelry worn is minimal.

  1. Jewelry Type

Whilst choosing the type of Freshwater pearl jewelry is entirely a matter of personal taste, there are some other things you need to consider before buying.


Freshwater pearl necklaces are the perfect accessory for the modern elegant woman who desires to look sophisticated day and night. The classic strand of white pearls suits mature women, whilst the necklaces containing pearls and charms are suitable for teenagers and ladies who have a relaxed dress code.


AAAA Freshwater pearl bracelets are ideal for women who want a high-quality piece of jewelry that can be worn for years to come. Double-stranded bracelets containing Freshwater pearls suit bold women who like to make a lasting impression. As for charm bracelets, these make a great sweet sixteen present and a wonderful addition for ladies who have a colorful wardrobe.


Freshwater pearl sets effortlessly to give a polished finish to any outfits in an instant. Such Freshwater pearls are perfect for women on the go. A set made up of a necklace, earrings and bracelet will pull everything together and can even add a more refined look to business attire.

When it comes to more casual attire then the jewelry sets best suited to team with such outfits is those containing small pearls in pastel colors, such as pinks and lavenders.

Although Freshwater pearls are the most common type of pearl available, finding almost round lustrous ones can prove difficult.

However, here at PearlsOnly, we work hard to provide you with the best quality Freshwater pearls available. They don’t only look dazzling but their colors really help to enhance their beauty. Each one of our Freshwater pearls pieces has its own unique charm that will last you a lifetime.