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PearlsOnly Golden South Sea Pearls

Golden South Sea Pearls

Gold has always been considered a symbol of luxury and prestige. PearlsOnly offers an incredible collection of jewelry with unique Golden South Sea Pearls that steal the spotlight wherever you go.
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Our mesmerizing collection of Golden South Sea Pearl Necklaces will add that final touch of elegance to your outfit.


Any pair of our beautiful Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings will make the perfect gift.


Take time to explore our stunning collection of beautiful Golden South Sea Pearl Pendants.

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Golden South Sea Pearls Buying Tips

Did You Know?

Golden South Sea pearls are even rarer than actual gold. As such, they are exceptional luxury items.

Golden South Sea pearls are produced by Pinctada Maxima, the Gold-Lipped Oyster and their growth time spans from 20 to 24 months.

These pearls are brought all the way from exotic Indonesia and Australia.

Golden South Sea Pearls – Value Factors


The natural golden color of these pearls is extremely rare. They are unique in the Pearl series and they constitute luxury items of the highest class.


Aside from color and shape, golden South Sea pearls are also impressively large. In fact, they are the largest pearls available on the market.


Golden South Sea pearls are rare, but round ones are exceptionally rare. This makes strands of these pearls jewelry pieces of a particular distinction.


The uniquely warm luster of golden South Sea pearls completes their series of excellence, making them some of the most valuable gems in the world.

Golden South Sea pearls are renowned for their silky-smooth luster and large size. The unique hues set these South Sea pearls apart, making them mesmerizing and prestigious. Read out tips for acquiring the perfect Golden South Sea Pearls.

  1. Jewelry Type

Golden South Sea pearls are a bold statement and make for the perfect accessory for special events or occasions. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be worn during the daytime, provided you follow these guidelines.


South Sea pearls can easily make their way into any woman’s wardrobe in the form of a pendant. Set in 14k yellow gold, a single Golden South Sea pearl will look striking with business outfits and formal attire. However, this type of jewelry can also be transitioned into casual daywear, if the rest of the jewelry is also gold toned.


The easiest way to wear gorgeous Golden South Sea pearls is to choose pearl stud earrings. Delicate yet striking, stud earrings can range in size from 8-11mm and can be accessorized with other jewelry. Suitable both for casual and professional attire. Golden South Sea pearl studs can brighten up any complexion, bringing warmth and sophistication in simple outfits.


A true statement piece, Golden South Sea pearl necklaces are bound to turn heads. They are among the most sophisticated pieces of jewelry and their beauty is simple, yet breathtaking. A Golden South Sea pearl necklace can complement any neckline and instantly adds a touch of refined elegance to any outfit a woman wears.