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PearlsOnly Lavender Pearl Pendants

Lavender Pearl Pendants

As you can see from our collection of Lavender Pearl Pendants each pearl used is placed at the very center of each design. Like other jewelers here at Pearls Only we make sure that only the finest quality pearls have been used in the creation of each one of our cute Lavender Pearl Pendants. So why not take the time to explore our collection now?
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Lavender Pearl Pendants Buying Tips

  1. Choosing The Right Size Pendant

When it comes to choosing a Lavender pearl pendant to compliment an outfit this can prove difficult but isn’t impossible. The size of the pendant will be one of the most important decisions that you will need to make and will depend on a number of different things.

The things that you will need to consider are what outfit you intend to wear it with, the color of the entire piece, and the event to which it is going to be worn. Each one of these factors will play a part in helping you to choose the right lavender pearl pendant, so should be taken into consideration very carefully.

Large Pendant

Large lavender pearl pendants will draw attention away from other aspects of your appearance, especially when you choose a bright colored one.

If you choose to wear such a pendant with singular color clothing then it will become the focal point of your whole outfit. Such statement pieces of Lavender pearl jewelry will easily become a conversation piece.

It is best if you are going to buy a large pendant that you wear it with tops that have a simple neckline and very little or no other jewelry at all. Also, make sure that you choose the right kind of chain to go with such a jewelry piece. This will help to ensure that the two complement each other, and prevent such a piece from clashing with the rest of your outfit.

Small Pendant

A small lavender pearl pendant is great to wear for when you want to make a statement, but also will work well to help bring your look together.

These will add a touch of personality to any outfit without distracting from the entire look. Such lavender pearl pendants should be worn when you have a certain look in mind.

Because these types of pendants do contain smaller pearls in them they can be worn with much lighter, delicate chains. This will help people pay more attention to the pendant rather than what it is hanging from.

  1. Occasion

Lavender pearl pendants can be worn in a variety of different ways, no matter their size. However, there are certain things to consider that will help you to wear yours on the right occasion.

If you can buy a lavender pearl pendant that comes with an adjustable chain. This will help to provide you with a more versatile piece of Lavender pearl jewelry. By keeping the chain short you will be able to create a more elegant look that will look fabulous when you team such a piece with a more formal outfit. But when you lengthen the chain you will find that this allows you to team our Lavender pearl pendants with more casual outfits, such as teaming it with jeans and t-shirt for a lunch date with friends.

Just because these pendants look nice or catch the eye of others it doesn’t mean that you can wear it all events. You need to think about the other kind of people that will be attending the event you are going to. You may find that our Lavender pearl pendants are more right for some occasions than others.

Finally, make sure that you choose a pendant that isn’t going to detract from the rest of your outfit. Yes, you can make a statement when you wear one of our Lavender pearl pendants, but this shouldn’t be the only thing that people notice.