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PearlsOnly Japanese Akoya Necklace

Japanese Akoya Necklace

For well over 100 years now Japan has now earned a reputation for producing the best Akoya pearls in the world. Here at PearlsOnly we have a wonderful selection of Japanese Akoya Necklaces for you to select from.
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Japanese Akoya Pearl

White Necklaces

Any one of our beautiful White Japanese Akoya Necklaces will add a classy touch to any outfit.

Japanese Akoya Pearl

Black Necklaces

Here you can complete you look by wearing one of our beautiful Black Japanese Akoya Necklaces.

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Japanese Akoya Necklace Buying Tips

Value Factors For Japanese Akoya Pearls


Japanese Akoya pearls display a higher quality shape than that of their main contenders, the Freshwater pearls.


Japanese Akoya pearls display superior luster compared to Freshwater pearls, which makes them considerably more valuable on the jewelry market. This is the main reason why Akoya pearls are more expensive than Freshwater pearls.

Surface Quality

All natural pearls display some blemishes on the surface but they are extremely difficult to identify on Japanese Akoya pearls because of their first-rate luster.

Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklaces are sophisticated pieces of jewelry that enhance a woman’s natural beauty. Brightening up any complexion, Akoya necklaces are great accessories to wear on their own or paired with matching earrings. When choosing your necklace, consider these pointers:

Personal Style

To make sure you get a lot of use out of your investment piece of jewelry, think of your personal style when deciding what to purchase:

Classic And Elegant

For an item of jewelry that will never go out of style and is very versatile, buyers will be happy if they choose a classic white 6-7mm Japanese Akoya pearl necklace with a 14k yellow gold clasp. Suitable for daytime and evenings, white Akoya pearls stand for timeless beauty.

Cool And Hip

The modern woman who is always on the go will love and appreciate a strand of Black Japanese Akoya pearls with a sterling silver clasp. The AAA luster of this type of necklace speaks volumes about their glamor and refinement.

Casual And Relaxed

If you generally gravitate towards comfortable clothing items, your outfits will be completed by a sterling silver pearl necklace. Comprising a single pearl in your color of choice, this necklace won’t overwhelm your style, but only subtly enhance it.

Cute And Playful

For your young pearl wearers who want to keep their accessories sweet and playful, tin cup pearl necklaces are the best option. The modern shape of the necklace allows it to be paired with many outfits, making it easy to transition from cute daytime dresses to semi-formal attire.